Running a marathon

No I didn’t run physically, but I was cheering on those who did.

Have you watched the programmes on BBC 1 Mind over Marathon?  A group of ten men and women who have been affected by life experiences which left them with various mental health issues have been training for the London Marathon. The triumph for each one was not the running on the day (some weren’t able to race) but the being part of an understanding group who supported one another, and yes, cheering on the runners is part of that.  It mattered to each of them that the others were all there with them.  It mattered that each person was listened to with attention and respect.   Each made progress and celebrated that progress.

Marathon running reminded me of the counselling journey – tough at times, a long process of progress and setbacks, done with the support of someone else running alongside for part of the way.  Each participant having a different experience and gaining something life-changing out of the process.



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