Let go of your bananas

There is a story attributed to an Indian folk tale that I came across on the internet recently.
This is a method used by trappers to catch a monkey for a zoo. The trapper builds a bamboo cage in the jungle then places a bunch of bananas inside, before locking the cage. A monkey comes along, sees the bananas and reaches through the bars of the cage to clutch them. He tries to withdraw his hand, but can’t because he is holding onto the bananas. He twists his hand and wrist around trying harder to pull it out of the cage, but no matter how hard he struggles, the only way to get free from the cage is to let go of the bananas. Freedom just requires him to loosen his grip. What is your ‘bunch of bananas’? What appears attractive but is preventing you from being free? How can you lay it down? Maybe releasing your grip and reviewing the situation is a first step.

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