Is anybody there?

I have just been alerted to a break in my contact details. I checked and found that the email link given on these pages is not working, so meanwhile please use to contact me.

I would not have known about this breakdown if someone hadn’t alerted me by phone to see why I was so slow in replying. The whole incident has set me thinking about how we communicate, and how we assume the person we are addressing has got the message, whether that is in comments at home, in relationships, at work amongst colleagues and customers….I wonder how many times each day we communicate with someone?

We can sometimes notice the change in facial expression of the person addressed, so we know the message has got across. Many times we simply assume their mobile is charged, their laptop is working, or even that they are listening to voicemails or snail mail is being delivered to the right place. In other words, we shift the responsibility to them to receive us.

It is worth remembering that the breakdown may be that our message has not reached them, rather than that they are ignoring us/failing to reply/misunderstanding. This is a message that I will now set about transmitting…..are you receiving me?

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