I’m writing this on a morning of weather reports of storms, transport disruption and power lines down. Summer holidays and warm sandy beaches are distant memories. The idea of withdrawing into an inner world where I can do whatever I chose seems attractive, so I’ll tell you about one of the creative options I have available.

Imagine a large deep tray full of fine golden sand. You can do whatever you like with it – trickle it through your fingers and feel its soft dry flow; smooth it over and over; tilt it and pour it with fingers, funnels and jugs. Then you might want to try wetting it – a large bowl of warm water and jugs and funnels are nearby. You can pour and stir, make patterns with your hands, poke and mould, gather up and squash down.

A cupboard door stand open. Inside are drawers full of curious objects – natural, man-made, fantasy; stones, corals, shells; human and animal figures; vehicles for travelling through air, land and sea; coins and tiny containers; buildings blocks, pillars and arches; bridges, fences and gates. You pick up, sort through, put down… something will hold your attention and find a place in your sand.

You continue as long as you want, talking or in silence as feels right. Whatever you do is right for you in this moment. Nothing is ‘wrong’ or ‘a mistake’.

You will know when you have finished. Together we look at what you have created, and if you choose, you talk about what it means to you. I’ll give you a photograph to reflect on later.

You might want to explore a particular problem, starting with figures round a board room table; or explore a puzzling dream. Sand is one way to discover what might be going on under the surface.

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