You need a break

You need a break – yes, it made me think of holidays, sunshine, being looked after, time off to do my own thing…. But the break I got was in my wrist bones, so I’ve spent the last month enjoying…sunshine, being looked after, time off to do my own thing!

I was talking to a friend today about meeting an 8 year old who had the opposite arm to me in plaster. Together we could achieve a lot that neither of us could manage as individuals. My friend, a business woman, reflected that recognising what we are able to do well (our strengths) can be used effectively in collaboration with others. We need to be able to recognise what we cannot do at present through lack of skill, lack of understanding or maturity, or lack of equipment, and find other people who can balance our abilities with their own. Successful families, successful business partnerships, successful enterprises all depend on sorting out what needs to be done to achieve a goal, then finding the person best suited for the task. Someone may be brilliant at starting up new ventures or going out and selling products or ideas, but dependent on others with a different style to do the regular steady and detailed back-room work. Each sort needs to value the attributes of the other for mutual success.

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