burnt out or fired up?

Are you feeling grey and feeling stuck in winter, even in May? I am launching a new venture, which excites me and I hope will lift you too. I am offering one-off sessions for counsellors, supervisors and anyone else interested to try out and experience for yourself what it’s like to use sand-play, stones or drawing to explore where you are at present.
If you are visiting the Lake District while on holiday, or even travelling through on a journey north or south, how about giving yourself a break, and time to ‘play’ for an hour? If you have ever watched children play you’ll know there is complete concentration and absorption in what they are doing. Just as they are refreshed, so can you be. You can park in my driveway, and I’m
keeping the fee at £35 for the hour.
See my contact details page or email b_hales@hotmail.co.uk

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