Candle light

So much has been happening in the world that I feel stuck about where to begin. I am reminded of the poem by AA Milne where a castaway on a desert island rushes about starting one thing then another, trying to do everything that’s necessary yet ending up doing nothing.

There is a lot of darkness in the news at present. There is physical darkness in the low levels of light here in northern Europe. It sometimes feels as though we are helpless and adrift. But there is something we can do – each of us can start with who and where we are and light a candle. Just imagine how bright and cheerful, and hopeful, each single candle can be. It can be an actual candle to celebrate Eid, Hanukkah or Advent. It can also be our attitude of steady hopefulness making a difference to ourselves and those around us. Recalling and focussing on what we can do, then steadily doing it, helps us as well as those around us. Our mood lifts, stuff gets done, others are lifted. Have you ever been in a powercut then found and lit a single candle – what a difference!

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