How can I live with myself?

Recently well-known figures from the world of entertainment and cycling have allegedly abused the trust placed in them by their deliberate actions. Those accused had also done good works such as raising money for charities or promoting healthy sports.

The news stories remind me of the symbol of the Great Tao – those two tadpole shapes that fit together so neatly. One is white, with a black ‘eye’ while the other is the opposite, black with a white ‘eye’. Each contains the germ of the other, like a seed. Every part is needed to make a whole. So does that mean we need to contain both dark and light within us to be whole?

One aspect of the work of counselling is to discover the dark part of ourselves, and own it so that it is no longer put on other people or nations ‘out there’ but is also recognised as being part of us. That spreads the dark more thinly, diluting it so it can be managed and controlled, with support.

Imagine how a 3D object casts a shadow to show it is solid, while a 2D picture can appear to be solid but lacks substance, so casts no shadow. Unlike Peter Pan, the boy who had no shadow and who never grew up, it is our responsibility to discover and own our own shadow.

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