Summer of Sport

Wow! What an exciting summer of sport we’ve had! But what now? There may be a general sense of anti-climax (my Post-election reflection in May 2010 is relevent here). One of the things that surprised me was that successful athletes sometimes tried other sports first, yet when they recognised the need for change, they were willing to set aside their skills and start again from the beginning in a different sport with amazing results. It takes courage to go back to being a beginner at anything new, whether it is physical movement, learning a new skill like using a computer, or starting again with a challenging relationship.
Rory Mackenzie, injured on medical service in Iraq, said in the closing ceremony: ‘Although we have many differences there is one quality we all share: human spirit.’
What might your Olympic challenge be? Perhaps simply learning to live, day after day, in the situation where you are now is a starting point. That’s how the athletes got their results – daily practice, training under the guidance of those with experience (Andy Murray changed his coach, with great success); stretching themselves to do that little bit more.

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