In a moment

In a moment – how often do we use that phrase during a day? Yet there are times when what happens ‘in a moment’ seems to determine our success or failure. I’m thinking of exams and sporting events (yes, even football matches and the Olympic Games) when the results of years of preparation and training are judged by how we act and respond within a very short time span.

One way of managing the stress of such events is to DO the preparation and training with the dedication of an athlete, then as we enter the arena or exam room, BE in the present moment.
A tip I found helpful when taking final exams: Say to yourself ‘I am totally relaxed. I have the capacity to be all that I am capable of being. I am in total concentration. I can do anything I want to do. I remain alert and focused on what I am doing. I recognise and release all other thoughts. I am a winner in being myself. I focus all my concentration and energy on this moment.’ Practise this state of mind, then use one word, FOCUS, to bring yourself back into this relaxed alertness moment by moment. Some people prefer to picture a lion to remind them of relaxed alertness. Try out what works for you.

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