that first meeting

Have you ever wondered what happens when you contact me for a first appointment?

We have a brief chat on the phone, for me to answer your initial questions and to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet (day or evening). You can choose either half an hour or a full hour; the process will follow the same pattern. I give you my full address and remind you that you can park on the driveway beside the house. You arrive at the agreed time (I don’t have a waiting room) and I greet you at the door and show you into my counselling room, which is a peaceful upstairs room. We sit in armchairs and I invite you to tell me a bit about what’s going on in your life at present and how you think counselling might help. When you have had time to outline your situation, I’ll give you a copy of my working agreement to take with you. It details things like confidentiality, cancellation of appointments, and other arrangements. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. You may decide you feel comfortable working with me, and choose to sign the form at that point, or you may have arranged to meet other counsellors before deciding; either way is fine.

Assuming you choose to work with me, we then arrange a few dates for further appointments, which will be for a full hour. You pay me for this first session by cash or cheque, either £15 for a half hour or £35 for a full hour. I give you a receipt, and show you out. I have a cloakroom for your use if required.

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