Mind the gap

Do you find yourself in a gap, waiting for the next event that will allow you to get on with your life? I’m in that situation at present, waiting for the legal side of a home and business move from Devon to Kendal in Cumbria.
I’ve been thinking of how many of us may be in similar waiting states: for exam results; job applications; the months of pregnancy; medical tests; airport lounges; approaching birthday; retirement; starting school or university.
This time of year seems especially a time of waiting, to gather in the present crop before preparing for the next. And how important it is to allow a fallow time, to wait, so that our inner world has time to catch up with our changing outer situation. We need time to say goodbye to the person we have been, and the place we have known, in order to make space for the person we are becoming, and the place that is still strange.
The caterpillar has to go into meltdown in order to become a butterfly. What do we need to do?

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