Own Goals

How might you discover your own goals? Ask yourself a few questions and jot down your answers. See if there is a pattern.
What are you doing when you are totally absorbed? (Often these are focussed things: reading, playing a game, walking, singing)
What do you enjoy doing, so that it doesn’t seem like work? (keeping accounts for your club, decorating a room, growing your own fruit and veg)
What interests you so you’d like to find out more? (often, developing the way you do the things you’ve just listed)
What are your skills? Do you want to improve your game, jog further without tiring, learn new ways of painting?
What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? (It might be easier to get up early to go on holiday than to go to work!)
When are you happy and contented – with others or alone, indoors or outside?
What area of your life is on your mind at present? Write down one clear goal for yourself in this area, starting with ‘I Will….’ and remember the SMART guide from last month.

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