After the Break

September and change is in the air. A good time to look ahead and dream of where you would like to be by the end of this year. One tip to make those hopes more real is to make them SMART:
S – specific
Create a clear idea of what you want to achieve
(I will learn to speak Italian for next summer’s holiday)
M – measurable
How will you know when you have arrived? (I will be able to order a meal)
A – achievable
How can you make it happen? What is the first step?
(Look in local library to see what’s available)
R – resources
(language classes, books, DVDs)
T – time framed
(I can manage to do that by the end of the year)

What is YOUR hope?
If you are not sure or feel stuck, join me next month to find out how you can discover a clear goal.

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