Holiday horrors

Do you share my experience that sometimes we long for space, quiet, even normal routine while away on holiday? There is a strong expectation that it will be fun 24/7, which is unrealistic when you think of the changes we are managing – different time tables, different weather, different food, different clothes, constant company (friends especially can find total together time a strain); being alone and missing friends; being with people we have not chosen to be with. We are also thrown on our own resources – it is up to us how we spend our free time, without the routine structure of work or home to guide us.

There are ways to reduce the strain of being together all the time. Agree in advance to have time alone – perhaps one go shopping while another has a massage, or one looks after the children while the other has a sleep. That gives the children a refreshing change of adult carer too. Simply lowering our expectations, so that the holiday becomes an enjoyable change from routine; remembering one simple thing we liked at the end of each day – a smile, a new taste, a different sound.

Have a refreshing break, in whatever way you can arrange.

2 Responses to “Holiday horrors”

  1. ScreenMom says:

    Sounds like you were on our holiday! Time with a holiday wasn’t quite as restful as holidays used to be but we still had a great time – it was just *different*…!

  2. ScreenMom says:

    Sorry that should have said ‘time with a toddler’ he he