Acronyms to whet your appetite

I have just returned from a weekend at an exciting 2-day course run by The Coaching Academy to top up my previous training. The course was free, and was well worth the time and cost of getting there. I came home full of energy and keen to get started on the next steps for me. We practised on our own current situations, using various coaching tips such as SMART, the GROW Model and the Wheel of Life. Curious? Want to know more? I am enthusiastic about the way these methods can help structure a way forward for you now. Get in touch and I’ll talk through how it might work for you, with no obligation. More details in my next blogs.

3 Responses to “Acronyms to whet your appetite”

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi I’ve heard a bit about life coaching and some stuff about counselling but I’m not sure what the diffference is/similarities are. Can you tell me a bit more so that I can have a think whether one might be good for me at the moment (or neither I guess)? Thanks.

  2. TAYLOR says:

    Have bookmarked your site and will be back to visit.

  3. Barbara says:

    Hi Sarah That’s a good question. I’m writing a new post which may help. Have a look; if that doesn’t answer your question, or you’d like to talk about this more personally, get in touch.