Why did I choose a maze?

I am often asked why I chose the maze design as my logo. It reminds me of the counselling process:

  • It represents the journey through life.
  • Progress is gradual.
  • There are no dead-ends; even though there is sometimes a doubling-back, we are still on the right track.
  • One section leads into another, then seems to go back over old ground, but never over exactly the same part of the path.
  • There is only one track (strictly this design is a labyrinth rather than a maze).
  • When we are on the path, we don’t know how we are going to get to the centre, nor even which section we will be travelling through next.
  • There is a linear movement, yet also a spiralling of approach and retreat.
  • Both sides of our brain are engaged: the rational and the intuitive.
  • The maze is an ancient device, found world-wide and used in many spiritual traditions. This is like our life journey – similar to everyone else, yet uniquely our own.

The maze I chose is that laid out on the floor of Chartres Cathedral, combining elements of earlier Greek and Roman mazes. The linear design shows the path to be walked.

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